HTC Vive Flow – First Look

HTC Vive Flow Header Image

Originally slated as the Vive Proton and in development for over a year and a half, HTC has finally lifted the veil on an all-new VR headset called the HTC Vive Flow. 

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Half-Life: Alyx – VR’s First Killer App?

Half Life: Alyx Header

Following a sixteen-year hiatus, one of the most successful PC games in history returns in a long-awaited continuation, but this time as a VR exclusive – Half-Life: Alyx.

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Oculus Quest and Rift S preorders now available

Oculus Quest vs Oculus Rift S

Oculus has announced both Oculus Quest and Rift S are available right now for preorders and will both be shipping May 21st. Oculus Quest is the first standalone headset for the mass market to have comparable quality to PC-driven VR. The Rift-S, on the other hand, is for the high-end PC-driven power users trying to achieve the ultimate in quality.

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Oculus Quest: standalone Rift-compatible VR for everyone?

Oculus Quest

Oculus has announced Quest as its new standalone VR headset at a draw-dropping US$399. That is a Rift-compatible headset with no wires, no high-end PC or smartphone required, and it will launch with over 50 titles. Simply put, it might be the mass market break-through VR has been waiting for.  We can expect to see it hit the market in Q2 2019.

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Pimax 8k/5k Plus impressions – the next level for VR?

Pimax 8K bundle

Pimax 8K and 5K+ reviews from second-generation testers are out – Pimax lifting their NDAs this week. So what are their thoughts on what is essentially the final consumer-ready hardware?

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VR Engine Building Simulator ‘Wrench’ early access

Bauer LTD. Catfish

If entering, rather than exiting, the pitlane spins your wheels you may be interested in the promising VR indie game ‘Wrench’ when it enters Steam’s early access in coming months. ‘Wrench’ is a beautifully detailed problem-solving game about building up a race car as a mechanic. Players run an auto shop where they build and maintain their client’s race cars – from fluid changes to replacing and building entire engines.

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The Nun VR prank sends moviegoers screaming

The Nun Movie Promotional VR Stunt

Moviegoers have been sent screaming, thanks to the immersive powers of virtual reality. The Nun VR was an elaborate prank to promote the upcoming horror film The Nun. The latest instalment of The Conjuring series, which hits cinemas 7 September 2018.

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Sandbox VR secures IMAX VR future

Sandbox VR The Curse of Davy Jones Experience

Sandbox VR is a new ‘free-roam’ shared VR experience that was founded in Hong Kong in June 2017. Long-term it teases an evolution of conventional cinema. But in the more immediate, it looks to be a great experience for team building, corporate events and parties.

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StarVR One targets high-end VR users

StarVR and StarVR One XT HMD

StarVR corporation launched the latest version of its StarVR Virtual Reality HMD at SIGGRAPH 2018. The goal for StarVR one is to offer “a new world of realism” for commercial and enterprise users and it certainly boasts some impressive specs.

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HTC Vive Wireless Adapter cuts loose in September

HTC Wireless Adapter

HTC Vive Wireless Adapter will finally cut the VR tether in September thanks to a little help from Intel. The tether being one of Vive’s biggest drawbacks since launch.

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