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Welcome to Many Worlds.

The world we experience is changing rapidly. We encourage you to consider the unimaginable and challenge what you thought was possible. This is the world we live in and we invite you to join us.

About us

Many Worlds is a design and development agency based in Auckland, New Zealand. We offer creative services and bleeding edge AR, VR, MR, App and Web Development.

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Your AR, VR & MR Partner

Why use Many Worlds for your VR, AR or MR project?

If you are currently exploring a Virtual, Augmented or Mixed Reality project, below are some good reasons you should choose Many Worlds as your XR developer.

Experienced hands.

With several decades of design and development experience, you are dealing with a team of proven creatives and developers. We know how to deliver beautiful bespoke design and user experiences on-time and to budget.

Certified knowledge.

Many Worlds are certified VR, AR and MR developers. By using a certified developer you have the confidence that you are embracing proven and widely adopted XR development practices. We offer development for HTC Vive / Steam VR, Oculus Quest / Rift, Playstation VR, Gear VR, Microsoft HoloLens and Google Daydream amongst others.

Multi-disciplinary talent.

We encompass the full gamut of in-house creative and technological expertise that is required to deliver bleeding edge XR experiences. Companies currently offering XR development are specialists in a particular aspect of XR that relates to their core business. For instance, architectural firms where interactivity and user experience are limited – or advertising agencies where the technical capability is limited. However, Many Worlds approaches XR as a holistic development process where the creativity, design and technology are developed in unison.

A creative edge.

We are designers first and foremost, with backgrounds that span cross-media agencies. As you can see from our business model, we are constantly pushing the status quo with a focus on delivering designs and experiences that employ unconventional thinking.

Can I view a demo?

Yes. Please use our contact form and we will contact you to organise a suitable time to meet and demo our VR capabilities, either on-site or at your premises. We are excited to help you explore what potential XR has for your business or project.

XR Revolution News Feed

XR taking off in the airline industry

With ever growing expectations from today’s consumer of hyper-personalisation, airlines are looking beyond conventional customer experience to attract and retain customers. To remain competitive, airline focus has shifted beyond just selling seats, accruing loyalty points or offering more appealing meals on-board. 

Our Team

Introducing our team

Michael McCullough – Art Director

Mike heads our creative team with 20+ years of cross-media design agency experience. Mike also brings a wealth of developer knowledge – being our resident code guru with a number of apps to his name.

Yan Fu – Designer, Developer, Studio Manager

With a Masters Degree in International Management from Waikato University, Yan Fu manages all day to day operations. As well as studio management, Yan brings her own unique design and developer experience.

Lisa Hardisty – Lead 3D Artist

An industry leading 3D artist, Lisa’s body of work extends from games through to global VR experiences and large budget Hollywood blockbusters. Lisa ensures all 3D work undertaken is to the highest standards and employs the best industry practices.

Scott Copeland – Designer

Scott is an award-winning designer with 20+ years of experience. Scott leads a number of our projects including conventional print design through to bespoke 2D UX design experiences across apps, web and VR.


Feel free to contact us for more information or to request a demo. We are excited to help you explore what potential VR, AR and MR has for your business or project.